Illmania Records was first introduced to the world in the small town of Rialto, in Southern California on the summer of June 2008. Hosting Illmania Records Artists’ and others from the city of Rialto, at Fergussin Park, this was Illmania Records 1st Independent Event Ever! And successfully Established to the World!

Illmania has produced numerous artists who were locally famous in the City of Rialto and the Inland Empire, such as Young Fellas, B.B.C, D.C, Duse, and more.

As of 2019 Illmania Records current artists are IllyBeatBanger, Dry Ice Chuck, and ID_Mak.

With new artists, new direction &  a new Illmania Sound; Illmania Records strives to bring everyone who is apart of the Illmania Movemenet, diversity, quality, and ear captivating music. Illmania is focused on becoming the most creative, innovative, Independent Power House within the next 5 years.

Providing Illmania Music, Entertainment, and Clothing; Illmania also plans to further expand in the near future with Illmania Books, Podcasts, and more to encourage the Illmania Community to express their own Illmania creative side.

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