Illmania Update 1/8/2019

Video in da Making Today :

Drippin Wood ft IllyBeatBanger

The Video is gone be drippy. Look out for this Music Video coming soon to Illmania TV. Cadillac Stearin and Far Driven, the video is sure to turn heads and drive up the ranks. 

‘Drippin Wood’ Music Video is currently in the works and will be broadcasted live, on Illmania TV.


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New Album Coming Soon from IllyBeatBanger

You can expect to hear a new sound, and style from IllyBeatBanger on each and every song, exemplifying diversity, along with captivating word play. The Illmania Branded Album plans to exceed the past projects of IllyBeatBanger’s, as he has grown and matured in life, which translates in the music.

The Illmania Branded Album is currently being mixed and mastered to the highest quality for all members of the Illmania Team.

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